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Reason Why Guys Cheat on Women They Love Unveiled


The worst possible news that any woman would never want to hear or know about is that of their spouses cheating on them. Infidelity is probably the most painful thing out there.  So why would a man cheat on a woman he really loves? 

Married man cheating on the wife
A married man cheating on the wife

Most men who cheat can be amazingly creative when asked the reasons why they cheat but the truth is that some of them are not even sure of why they’re unfaithful.

Ladies who are cheated on usually go into an emotional turmoil, trying to understand why he cheated. Sometimes you’re seated next to a beautiful woman in a bus and the she suddenly bursts into uncontrollable sobs, as you try to comfort he, she pops up the question. “Why do men cheat on good women?” There’s a high chance that you will not answer this question.

Top reasons why men cheat

I have tried to compile some of the reasons why men cheat below; however, this is not an excuse for cheating:

Unmet needs

Men have always been viewed as sexual beings; a man need only sex in order to be happy. This might have some truth but men have other needs too. Just like women, men are emotionally driven beings too. They want their spouses to appreciate that they’re trying to put things in order. Men also want to be appreciated. A man who feels that his woman is not there to give him that moral and emotional support, will be tempted to get it from another person.  Some call this emotional cheating:

unmet needs can make a man cheat
unmet needs can make a man cheat


Some men cheat because of unfounded fears. A friend of mine told me that he cheated on his girlfriend because she was more beautiful and therefore had to cheat on her. Some men will cheat on you if you earn a bigger salary than them. Another guy told me that his girlfriend was so independent to a point she could fix electric faults in the house, he had to cheat on her with a more feminine lady who needed his help. All these are just insecurities.

Fear of being single

If a man has unmet needs in a relationship, he might decide to get those needs elsewhere but not leave the relationship because of the fear of being single. That’s infidelity.


True relationships are founded on selflessness; you have to consider the feelings of your spouse first before anything but what if a man becomes selfish? If his primary consideration is himself alone then he will cheat.


Some men just don’t take vows seriously. This may be the biggest reason as to why men cheat. Some think that they must sleep with every woman they meet. These are dangerous men whom you should run, run as far away from as you can.  Immaturity is not related to age in any way

Genetics and upbringing

Some men are just more monogamous than others. Men who were brought up by single parents may also have a different perception to cheating.

Childhood abuse

Some men may opt to cheating as something that will help them forget the ordeals they went through in the past. Try to understand your boyfriend’s upbringing before you walk out of the relationship

His values

Some men have really value monogamy, while others do not. Those who don’t value monogamy will not see cheating as a big deal.

Why they cheat online

So, you got curious on why your boyfriend is addicted to his phone and almost replies to texts impulsively. You decide to carry out an investigation.

 You went through his phone and found some texts in which he is flirting with a girl from Australia. More worse is when you find raunchy photos from his high school girlfriend in his Facebook inbox. That’s a red alarm. What happened when you confronted him?

He probably denied it, saying that it’s not infidelity because he didn’t sleep with the woman sending him nude photos via twitter. Why do men cheat online?

 Cyber infidelity is on the rise because Social media outlets make it too easy to find old flames or strike up conversations with new friends of friends. Everyone is just so available .

Why older men have affairs

Stress and depression is often the main reason why older men may opt to cheating on their spouses.  These men view cheating as a way to bring excitement in their miserable lives.

Most often, older men cheat with younger women because these younger ladies are vulnerable which makes them susceptible to their charm. Some old men also believe that bedding younger lasses will make them regain their youth.

Why they with their baby mamas

The thought alone of a man seeing his ex behind your back often drive most women mad. What about when your doubts are confirmed? He is sleeping with his ex. Studies show that most men find it hard to resist their baby mamas. Here are signs that your boyfriend is having an affair with his ex.

The main reason why a man would cheat with his ex is if he has not gotten over her which can be very dangerous and when you’re not giving him enough sex. My advice to ladies who find themselves in such situations is that you should avoid confrontations with the ex and deal with your man.

Men who cheat on their wives with other men

No woman wants to think that her husband may be cheating on her. No woman can even dread of thinking that her boyfriend could be cheating on her with another man. Most women hate gay men because no one likes competition. But why should a man cheat on a very beautiful woman with another man?

There are several reasons as to why a straight man may be romantically attracted to another man. Some people may have slept with other men while in prison to release sexual pressure while others may be acting out on a childhood sexual abuse. Knowing the reasons why he is sleeping with another man can help you find solutions.

Why they cheat on pregnant women

Surely there is no greater betrayal than a man who cheats on his pregnant wife. Infidelity during pregnancy is not as uncommon as you would think. So, what makes a man cheat when his wife is pregnant?

 Some say they do it because they feel usurped by the impending arrival of a baby and fear their position in the family is being undermined. Others claim they were driven into the arms of another because they found their wife’s changing body a turn-off