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9 Tips on How to Cheat on Your Boyfriend/Husband & Never Get Caught


‘I cheated on my husband stories’ are sensational and always get a lot of attention online. Everybody wants to know about why and how a married woman would have an illicit affair behind her husband’s back. Research shows that the number of women cheating on their husbands is higher than you may think.

How to cheat on your boyfriend/husband and never get caught
How to cheat on your boyfriend without him knowing

Dr. David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University says that women are having more affairs than ever before. The reasons for cheating are quite many. Most women who cheat on their boyfriends do it as a way of revenging. 

You know we have this weird relationship counselor whom when you tell them ‘My husband or boyfriend cheated on me’ they go ahead and tell you that you should also cheat on him so that you can become even. That is where the seed of ‘I want to cheat on my boyfriend’ is always planted. Though I don’t advocate for this, I don’t judge. You know two wrongs can’t make a right.

Another probable reason why a girl cheats on boyfriend is the fact that a lot of people want happiness all the time no matter the cost they have to pay for it. I am not here to judge any of you.

Whatever the reason, no cheater wants to get caught. Unless you want a divorce and are afraid to come out clear with your husband. If you are cheating but still want to keep your relationship or marriage, then this article can be of great help to you coz am going to show you some ways on how to cheat on your boyfriend or husband and not get caught. Yes, it is possible.

how to cheat on your husband or boyfriend without him finding out

It’s pretty easy for a woman to cheat and not get caught because women are more psychologically sophisticated than. This is according to Dr. Holmes. This just means that you have an advantage over your man if you have to cheat.

Here are some tips on how unfaithful women can avoid being busted.

Choose the right person to romp with

The man you cheat with is a big determinant of whether you will get caught or not. Most women make mistakes when having affairs because of choosing the wrong person. If you have to cheat on your boyfriend then let it be with a mature man who is probably married or with a reputation to keep. This way, the man will work hard to ensure the affair is as discrete as possible.

Do not cheat with someone you already know because it will be easy to make mistakes. Do not choose a man who is immature and arrogant.  And kindly avoid your ex, I know it is always tempting because of the thing you had in the past. Trust me, 90% of unfaithful wives who are caught will tell you ‘I was busted because I cheated on my boyfriend with my ex.’ Don’t be counted among that list.

Colleagues are a no-go zone

I can’t blame a woman who falls for a workmate. You spend more time together than you spend with your husband. You solve problems together and you make multi-million-dollar projects from scratch. You are bound to develop some emotions. My advice for you is that you resist those emotions.

Dating rule no. 1 Never Date a Workmate. It’s forbidden to have an affair with your colleague because you may be tempted to mess around at the workplace and someone will see you.

Another reason why cheating on your husband with your colleague is not a wise thing to do is that what happens the affair goes sour? Trust me he will talk. Avoid your husband’s colleague or any person that your boyfriend knows. A stranger is the best person to cheat with.

Learn how to handle your phone

Those calls will ruin your relationship. Number one mistake that most unfaithful women do is to keep on the phone for too long. Chatting is not bad, but do not overdo it coz your boyfriend will notice. Call your lover using the work phone. If you have to use your phone then delete all the call history.

Do not save his number in your phone book. Locking your phone will raise a lot of suspicions, avoid it. Do not go and pick calls in the bathroom. That is suicidal. Tell him not to call you at certain hours. Avoid talking on the phone when your man is around.

Where you meet matters a lot

Another simple way on how to cheat on your husband and never get caught is to meet your lover at a very far location where you can never be spotted by someone you know.

Avoid taking your secret love to a place where you go with your boyfriend or husband. In fact, try as much as possible not to be seen together in public. The lesser you are seen together the better. Try to be as discrete as much as possible.

Another thing to remember is that no matter how perfect you look together, don’t take photographs. Pictures are evidence that can cost you your marriage, job, and reputation.

Learn to keep secrets

What is it with women and gossiping? So, you met this big muscled man who is giving you multiple orgasms and you feel like you should tell your best friend Mary about it. My sister that is suicidal. Mary is bound to be jealousy. She may decide to expose your illicit affair or find out if what you are saying is true. And the only way to do so is to bang your guy. The only way on how to cheat and not get caught is to make sure you are the only person who knows about your secret affair.

Do not fall in love

Before you make up that ‘I want to cheat on my bf’ decision in your mind. Ask yourself why you want to cheat in the first place. Is it just for sex, revenge or the thrill? If there are more complex reasons then consider breaking up with your boyfriend.

Women are emotional beings and it is quite natural that you can fall in love with the person you are sleeping with. Falling in love will jeopardize everything. This becomes an emotional affair which is very hard to hide. You can’t cheat on your boyfriend and get away with it if you have already fallen for the person you are cheating with.

Don’t change

Most women who cheat on their husbands end up cold and indifferent. Having two men in your life can get over you and you may be tempted to feel like you are on top of the world. Remember, your first duty is to your husband or boyfriend. The other guy can wait.

Men are emotional and your husband will become suspicious if he starts seeing some change in your attitude. You may get the temptation to start wearing those killer mini-skirts you used to wear in college.

Another change most cheating wives do is to start working out. All these changes will be noticed. The minimal changes you make the easier it will be for you to cheat and not get caught.

Don’t get too confident

Most women who cheat on their boyfriends end up being too reckless because of overconfidence. Don’t be so cocky, remember you can always be caught. Do not sneak out when your man is around. Your confidence may be so high that you decide to leave your man in bed and go out for a romp with the next-door neighbor. That is how you will be busted.  Be paranoid, delete those text messages.

Use a condom

STDs scream that you are having an affair. Then there is the unlikely chance that you may get pregnant. Using protection is a responsible way of keeping your affair on the low. No one wants to deal with those paternity tests. Plus, there is no need of bringing an illegitimate kid into this world. Abortion is also risky.


Cheating on your boyfriend or husband is one of the meanest things you can do especially if the guy really loves you. If you are looking for ways on how to break up with your boyfriend, then cheating on him is not an option because it may not end up so well.

Cheating is not easy, most unfaithful wives don’t even enjoy the affair because of the guilt involved. Following the above tips is not guarantee that you can cheat on your bf and not get caught. Your boyfriend might be suspicious and hire a private detective. That is how you will get your ass banned.

Cheating is like a game, you can either win or lose therefore before you decide to cheat on your boyfriend, know that it can go either way and be ready to accept the consequences.