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14 Important Tips to Cheat on Your Wife & Not Get Caught


There are quite many reasons on why you would want to cheat on your girlfriend. Everything from the fun factor to the fact that you can easily learn something about yourself. Some people say that men are naturally polygamous and they, therefore, tend to be attracted to several women at the same time.

How to cheat on your wife and never get cought
Cheat on wife and not get cought

Most people who cheat do it because of sex, sex feels good and when you feel good you are happy. If you feel like having sex with your girlfriend’s back and the opportunity presents itself, why not? Cheating on your girlfriend is not really bad as some people try to make it look. Plus, a relationship without scandals is quite boring. The drama that comes with cheating can be thrilling.

 Almost 90% of married men have at least toiled with the ‘I want to cheat on my wife idea’ at one time in their relationship. Embarrassingly, more than 50% of cheaters are always caught out.   

The problem with most cheaters is that they don’t really know how to cheat and not get caught. So if you if you are still at that point where your conscience is asking ‘should I cheat on my girlfriend? My advice will be that you don’t because once you start, you won’t stop.

Tips to cheat on your wife

Today we will give you some of the expert tips on how to cheat on your girlfriend without being caught. Follow our tips and you will become a pro cheater;

  1. Make sure your girlfriend trusts you fully- your scheme to cheat on your girlfriend will not succeed if you already have trust issues before even you start cheating. Ensure that your girlfriend trusts you fully. Give her full access to your phone, social media accounts and bank details. Make sure she trusts you and has nothing whatsoever to doubt you. If she starts developing any trust issues, then apologize and tell her she is just worrying too much. Assure her of your love. You can start scheming if you are assured of your girlfriend’s trust.
  1. Know your girlfriend’s schedule- This is one of the most important things to having a successful secret affair. A very close friend of mine cheated on his girlfriend for more than four years without her finding out. He knew where the girlfriend was always. Ensure you do the same. Know what she will be doing any time of the week. Schedule your dates with your illicit lover knowing where your girlfriend is. This will help you avoid confrontations.
  2. Whom are you cheating with? – the first step on how to cheat on your wife without getting caught is to find a person who is willing to hide all your secrets. I would suggest that you do it with a woman who is married or in a committed relationship. The person you decide to cheat on your girlfriend with should have something to lose if the affair is busted. This way she will ensure that it is in her own best interests to ensure the affair is kept secret.
  1. Pay cash for everything- Avoid the tendency to use credit cards when paying for anything because you will leave a trail that can be traced and you will be found. If your girlfriend becomes suspicious and decides to find out what is happening, the first thing will be to check your bank statements and we don’t want all that evidence. Pay for hotels, meals and gifts in cash. Don’t keep any receipts either.
  1. Never be seen in public together – You may take your clandestine to a location where you know your wife or girlfriend has never been. But trust me, someone else will see you. Hanging out in public is a big no if you don’t want to be caught.
  2. Pictures are evidence- We are living in the era of selfies, you may be tempted to take one with your secret lover. My advice is that you avoid that temptation like plaque because it will be suicidal. Your lover may decide to use the pictures as blackmail once the relationship goes down south. Pictures are number one give away. You may try to hide them but it’s too risky. Just avoid them.
  1. Don’t bring her to your place – Most guys in long-distance relationships tend to cheat on their girlfriends the most. No want likes those lonely nights and you might feel like taking her to your house because your girlfriend is far away and will not know. Don’t do that because this will leave some evidence. The best places to cheat on your spouse should be at your secret lover’s place. That is if she is not cheating on another guy with you. This is the easiest way on how to cheat and not get caught.
  1. Don’t establish a pattern- Some dumb men who get caught cheating on their girlfriends always establish a pattern of missing on specific days. Avoid such habits if you want your affair to remain secret. Why the hell should you disappear every Friday evening? You may have excuses but you will soon run out of them. If your spouse decides to hire a private investigator then it will be easy to find your dirty deeds. Meet your secret lover maybe three times a month and ensure your sorry ass is covered.
  1. Take a taxi – I understand you may want your clandestine to see your big Prado or sleek Mercedes. But trust me when I say that is too risky. It’s easy for your girlfriend to bust you out just by checking the speedometer on your car. Most vehicles also have GPS systems and can be tracked wherever you are. Just take a taxi to your meeting point, it may not be convenient but it is safe.
  1. Trust no one- ‘I want to cheat on my girlfriend because she is not giving me enough attention.’ This is what Peter’s partner said during a lunch break. Peter loved such stories. He told his partner that he had been having the same problem with Victoria, his girlfriend and was now having an affair with her sister. This was just small talk between two colleagues but hell broke loose when Peter and his colleague had a disagreement and the colleague decided to expose him on Facebook. To cut the story short, Peter is now jobless and divorced. Don’t confide in anyone about the fact that you are cheating on your wife or girlfriend.
  1. Don’t change your habits- Having a secret lover? You may want to dress to impress her, you may even feel like hitting the gym because you want to look young again. You suddenly want to try out new things in bed. Do not take a shower before kissing your girlfriend because she will become suspicious. This will sale you out. Your girlfriend will become suspicious and will start asking questions.
  1. Don’t mix date venues- Avoid taking your secret lover to the same joints you hang out with your girlfriend. This is suicidal because a waiter may unknowingly bust your sorry ass.
  1. Make your feelings clear- having sex with someone regularly will naturally make that person develop some feelings for you. This is very worrying because your secret lover may reach a point and want something more than just sex. Worse is if she decides to get jealous and want you only for herself. Women are known to do crazy things in the name of love. Your clandestine may decide to risk everything just to be with you. Avoid the temptation of falling in love because you won’t be able to keep a love affair secret.
  1. How do you communicate? – Most cheaters are busted through the communication methods they use to communicate with their illicit lovers. I would advise that you use a private phone whenever you are communicating to avoid the need for locking your main phone with patterns and security codes. If you are using online cheating sites or apps then always log off. Clear your online history to avoid any suspicion (just remember that this can be retrieved by an IT expert). You can open another email account for chatting. Be creative, have an account where both of you have the password. You can communicate through saving the messages in the draft folder. Also minimize the rate at which you communicate to avoid any suspicion from your loving girlfriend.


Following the above tips is not a guarantee that you will not be caught if you choose to cheat on your girlfriend. In fact, the best way to cheat on your wife without being caught is not to cheat at all. Infidelity is quite expensive and draining. You will spend a lot of time trying to cover up your tracks than enjoying the affair. If you are found out cheating then don’t come to Google with questions Like ‘I cheated on my girlfriend and I want her back’ because we may not have help.

 Is it true that once a cheater always a cheater? My answer is NO! If you are cheating, then you can stop right now because cheating is always a choice.

If you must cheat on your girlfriend, then know that it can go either way. Be ready to accept the consequences. The only thing I can assure you of is that God loves you. He will still love you even when your spouse and secret lover walk away.

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